Peer Reviewed Articles


Peer Reviewed articles impact our daily practice and are a wealth of knowledge.  The following are peer reviewed articles regarding sports and vision.  If you have any articles that are not listed below, please e-mail the link to us at 

You can review resources regarding concussion by clicking here.

  • Case Report: Use of Sports and Performance Vision Training to Benefit a Low Vision Patient’s Function. 09/2018 PubMed

  • Current injury monitoring and player education practices in Irish amateur rugby union. 09/2018 PubMed

  • The Hand-eye Coordination of Professional Baseball Players: The Relationship to Batting. 07/2018 PubMed

  • Optical coherence tomography patterns and outcomes of contusion
      maculopathy caused by impact of sporting equipment. 07/2018 PubMed

  • In situ examination of decision-making skills and gaze behaviour of
      basketball players. 02/2018 PubMed

  • Automated vision occlusion-timing instrument for perception-action
      research. 02/2018 PubMed

  • Effect of Different Evasion Maneuvers on Anticipation and Visual Behavior in Elite Rugby League Players. 01/2018 PubMed

  • Expert - Non-expert differences in visual behaviour during alpine slalom skiing. 09/2017 PubMed

  • A Pilot Study of Horizontal Head and Eye Rotations in Baseball Batting. 08/2017 PubMed

  • Does weight lifting improve visual acuity? A replication of
      Gonzalo-Fonrodona and Porras (2013). 08/2017 PubMed

  • Do kinematic metrics of walking balance adapt to perturbed optical flow? 08/2017 PubMed

  • The Refractive Error of Professional Baseball Players. 05/2017 PubMed

  • Examining Effects of Physical Exertion on the Dynamic Visual Acuity Test in Collegiate Athletes. 01/2017 PubMed

  • Sports Vision Training: A review of the state-of-the-art in digital training techniques. - Link

  • Visual Function of Professional Baseball Players - PubMed link; overview link

  • Optical Aberrations of Professional Baseball Players - PubMed link

  • Effects of Ocular Dominance on Professional Baseball - PUbMed Link

  • Visual abilities distinguish pitchers from hitters in professional baseball - PubMed Link

  • Sport-tinted Contact Lenses - PubMed Link; Article Link

  • Comparison of eye black and tinted contact lenses - PubMed Link 

  • Reliability of a computer-based system for measuring visual performance skills - PubMed Links

  • Validity and Repeatability of a Novel Dynamic Visual Acuity System - PubMed Link

  • Effect of sports vision exercise on visual perception and reading performance in 7- to 10-year-old developmental dyslexic children - PubMed Link

  • Quiet Eye and Performance in Sport: A Meta-Analysis - PubMed Link

  • Quiet eye facilitates sensorimotor preprograming and online control of precision aiming in golf putting - PubMed Link

  • Disentangling vision and attention in multiple-object tracking: How crowding and collisions affect gaze anchoring and dual-task performance - PubMed Link



More to come!



Visual attention multiple object tracking: A tutorial review - PubMed Link

How crowding and collisions impact multiple object tracking - PubMed Link



Eye Injuries / Protection

Epidemiology of Sports-Related Eye Injuries in the United States - PubMed Link; Article Link

Eye and orbital injuries in sport - PubMed Link; Article Link