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Whether it is a local news report, an online article, or a peer-reviewed article, we want you to know what is available.  


In the News

These are a list of articles that are found on the inter-web and in print.  We share many of these articles via Twitter.  Some of these highlight the work that our colleagues are doing and the impact they make.  

In addition, the American Optometric Association’s Sports & Performance Vision Committee often posts articles in the news. You can find this information here.

If you know of an article that should be on here, please e-mail us the link at


Peer Reviewed Articles

Peer reviewed journal articles are the standard for impacting our practice.  We have a list of articles that we find helpful to our practices.  If you have a peer reviewed article you would like to share, please e-mail us the link at 


Just for fun

These are articles that are just for fun.  After all, why else would we make up this community?


Have an idea for a research project?

As part of the community, you can propose ideas and/or find colleagues to collaborate and work on research.  Contact us at

In The News

Here are articles from various media outlets regarding sports / activities and vision.  If you have one you would like to share with us, please send us the link at



Peer Reviewed Articles


Peer Reviewed articles impact our daily practice and are a wealth of knowledge.  The following are peer reviewed articles regarding sports and vision.  If you have any articles that are not listed below, please e-mail the link to us at 

You can review resources regarding concussion by clicking here.

  • Case Report: Use of Sports and Performance Vision Training to Benefit a Low Vision Patient’s Function. 09/2018 PubMed

  • Current injury monitoring and player education practices in Irish amateur rugby union. 09/2018 PubMed

  • The Hand-eye Coordination of Professional Baseball Players: The Relationship to Batting. 07/2018 PubMed

  • Optical coherence tomography patterns and outcomes of contusion
      maculopathy caused by impact of sporting equipment. 07/2018 PubMed

  • In situ examination of decision-making skills and gaze behaviour of
      basketball players. 02/2018 PubMed

  • Automated vision occlusion-timing instrument for perception-action
      research. 02/2018 PubMed

  • Effect of Different Evasion Maneuvers on Anticipation and Visual Behavior in Elite Rugby League Players. 01/2018 PubMed

  • Expert - Non-expert differences in visual behaviour during alpine slalom skiing. 09/2017 PubMed

  • A Pilot Study of Horizontal Head and Eye Rotations in Baseball Batting. 08/2017 PubMed

  • Does weight lifting improve visual acuity? A replication of
      Gonzalo-Fonrodona and Porras (2013). 08/2017 PubMed

  • Do kinematic metrics of walking balance adapt to perturbed optical flow? 08/2017 PubMed

  • The Refractive Error of Professional Baseball Players. 05/2017 PubMed

  • Examining Effects of Physical Exertion on the Dynamic Visual Acuity Test in Collegiate Athletes. 01/2017 PubMed

  • Sports Vision Training: A review of the state-of-the-art in digital training techniques. - Link

  • Visual Function of Professional Baseball Players - PubMed link; overview link

  • Optical Aberrations of Professional Baseball Players - PubMed link

  • Effects of Ocular Dominance on Professional Baseball - PUbMed Link

  • Visual abilities distinguish pitchers from hitters in professional baseball - PubMed Link

  • Sport-tinted Contact Lenses - PubMed Link; Article Link

  • Comparison of eye black and tinted contact lenses - PubMed Link 

  • Reliability of a computer-based system for measuring visual performance skills - PubMed Links

  • Validity and Repeatability of a Novel Dynamic Visual Acuity System - PubMed Link

  • Effect of sports vision exercise on visual perception and reading performance in 7- to 10-year-old developmental dyslexic children - PubMed Link

  • Quiet Eye and Performance in Sport: A Meta-Analysis - PubMed Link

  • Quiet eye facilitates sensorimotor preprograming and online control of precision aiming in golf putting - PubMed Link

  • Disentangling vision and attention in multiple-object tracking: How crowding and collisions affect gaze anchoring and dual-task performance - PubMed Link



More to come!



Visual attention multiple object tracking: A tutorial review - PubMed Link

How crowding and collisions impact multiple object tracking - PubMed Link



Eye Injuries / Protection

Epidemiology of Sports-Related Eye Injuries in the United States - PubMed Link; Article Link

Eye and orbital injuries in sport - PubMed Link; Article Link